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What area is being planned?
The 5.2 acre park, including La Jolla Cove, is located on point La Jolla on the northern edge of the village.

Why do we need a plan?  What's wrong with the park the way it is?

The park is a beautiful place, loved and used by many.  However, there are also a few troublespots.  Look closely and you will see significant signs of erosion.  Human-generated pollution runs directly into the ocean.  Some of the plant life, including the landmark palms, are approaching the end of their lifespan without a clear replacement policy in sight.  Facilities like the lifeguard station and restrooms hardly measure up to "the jewel" stature of the park.  Time and again, uses are proposed for the park without a well-conceived set of guidelines to measure them against.

These and other important issues can be addressed within a long-term, comprehensive plan based upon ample community involvement and opinion.  It really is the best way for the community to have a say in what to preserve what's good in the park and how to make it even better.

How did the Scripps Park Project begin?

A master plan for Scripps Park was specifically called for in the 1998 Preliminary Coastline Plan and on many occasions over the years.  Starting in August 2003 a group of concerned citizens and community organization representatives came together in a broad base of support to form the Scripps Park Project in order to ensure its adoption by both the community of La Jolla and the City of San Diego.

How long will the project take to complete?
It's certainly well within our grasp to have a completed and adopted plan within a year.  Implementing the plan's various recommendations, however, is much harder to predict.  Depending upon their nature and complexity, acting upon all of the recommendations could take a very long time, even decades. 

What uses will be made of money donated to the project?
Our pressing and immediate need is to bear the costs of a park planning consultant and other expenses associated with our coming public workshop--publicity, support materials, equipment rental, printing, etc.  This could take as much as $50,000.  It's impossible at this point to accurately estimate the costs of implementing recommendations that would emerge from the workshop and a subsequent plan.  We do know this: they will be ample and money will be needed.  Please consider making a donation today.

How was the Steering Group selected?

The Scripps Park Project started conducting open and publicized meetings in August 2003.  Ever since, we maintained an e-mail listing of many community members, including anyone who ever attended a meeting.  Each time we met, everyone on the list was given timely notification.

After a year, nine people who had shown strong and consistent interest and attendance and who had significant skills to bring to the effort, were asked to form the Steering Group.  In addition, representatives of all of La Jolla's major planning groups as well as the City's Access Review Subcommittee, were included on the Steering Group as a way to seek their involvement, advice, and support as we proceed.

When will the workshop take place?

The workshop is scheduled for November 19, 2005 on the rooftop of the La Jolla Cove Suites across the street from the park.  There will be extensive planning and public notice for the workshop. 

What will happen at the workshop?
That will depend a great deal upon who attends---hopefully a broad cross-section of the community, including both active and passive users of the park.  As the date of the workshop becomes clear and draws near, the Steering Group will work closely with our consultant to determine the exact format of the workshop.  We are committed to giving everyone a chance to participate and develop and submit their ideas for the park.

How was the consultant selected?

A request for proposals was sent to several leading park planning consulting firms.  Proposals were re-submitted by three top-notch firms and each of those was interviewed by a search committee comprised of Steering Group members.  The committee was very diligent--- carefully framing its questions, objectively weighing the responses, and making sure that the nature of the consulting work was clear and understood by all concerned.

In the end, the committee recommended Campbell and Campbell Architects to the full Steering Group based on a variety of factors including the depth and relevance of their experience, their environmental sensitivity, and cost.  Within their body of work, Campbell and Campbell have been successfully involved with similar efforts at Avalon, Imperial Beach, and other beach locations.  The recommendation was unananimously accepted by the Steering Group.

What are some issues that will be addressed in the workshop and plan?

  • Public safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Erosion and water pollution
  • Parking and traffic
  • Donation Recognition
  • Vector animal control
  • Access
  • ADA requirments
  • Landscaping
  • Physical improvements
  • History
  • Views
  • Natural resources
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