Scripps Park Project



We are seeking funds to make the community workshop and long term plan a reality. 

The cost so far is budgeted at $46,188.  The community and the Park would appreciate your help.


Organization Supporters

Individual Supporters

  • Taylor Miller
  • Jim Ahern Family
  • Brendan Ruff
  • Neil Murray
  • Ron Dahlin
  • Dennis & Joanne Sharp
  • Angeles Leira
  • Mark & Chris Holmes
  • Kristine Entwistle
  • Trenton Bonner
  • Patrick Ahern

Business Supporters



For a tax deductible donation, please

1. Write a check made payable to one of the following:


“Scripps Park - LJTC Foundation”


“Scripps Park - LJ Conservancy”


2. Send your donation:

Scripps Park Project

PO Box 165

La Jolla, California 92038


Thank You!

Scripps Park Project

The Scripps Park Project - PO Box 165, La Jolla, CA, 92038
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