Scripps Park Project


The Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Park is a community treasure, used and loved by many.  The 5.2 acre park is bounded by the Pacific Ocean and the village of La Jolla, it also includes La Jolla Cove, one of California’s premier beaches.  Gently sloping toward the shoreline, the Park is primarily an open-space, landscaped environment (photos) heavily used by local residents and visitors from around the world. To date, though, there is no long-term plan to safeguard and guide the future direction, condition, and use of the Park---a need cited in several past planning documents. 


Some key issues to consider:

  • What is the health status of the park’s plants?
  • How are dying plants replaced? With what?
  • Is the park endangered by erosion?
  • Are pollutants entering the water?
  • Are the park’s manmade structures appropriate?
    • Are they situated correctly?
    • Are improvements needed?
  • What uses are appropriate/inappropriate to the park?
    • How are future proposed uses for the park to be decided?
    • Should guidelines be adopted?
  • Is the park sufficiently accessible to all users?

The Park has a rich history and is a source of pride and a place of connection for us.  It needs our attention to continue to serve us so well.


Scripps Park Project

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